The Shining Stars of Sisu

Meet the Team

Sisu is a seasoned group of thoughtful, eager professionals. We’ve built a positive, cooperative environment in which clients and team members can deliver their best work, live their best lives and achieve success.

We’ve been in-office and remote, together in Los Angeles and spread around the world. The team has a wide background of interests and previous lives, from winemaking and gerontology to fashion and the military. By sharing our experiences and insights, we have created a vigorous culture that supports each other and enjoys each others’ company. It all results in a team that can move fast, collaborate effectively and draw from a wide range of sources to solve problems and come up with innovative ideas.

Coleen Austin
Christina Bouchard
Operations Manager
John Bozzalla
Senior Program Manager
Aram Brazilian
Principal, Product Strategy
Guild Copeland
Emily Iles
Art Director
Christina Lelon
UX Strategist
Jo Ngan
Associate Creative Director
Jamie Novak
Art Director
Daniel Rizzotto
Executive Producer
Robert Thompson
Senior Developer

Our Four-Legged Team Behind the Team

Chimkin Lover, Daniel’s Pup
Whip Cream Connoisseur, Coleen’s Pup
Knighted Guard, Jo’s Pup
King Goof, Jamie’s Pup
Chief Barketing Officer
Fursome Navigator, John’s Pup
Duchess of Westchester, John’s Pup
Royal Taste Tester, John’s Pig
Daisy & Coney
Cuddle Coaches, Coleen’s Cats
Peter Parker
Pizza Patroller, Emily’s Cat