This evolving hexagon is not your standard shape, just like Sisu’s not your standard design agency. We mix the spirit of Sisu—a uniquely Finnish term for grit, courage, strength and willpower—with a healthy dose of Los Angeles sunshine to offer our clients the perfect blend of insight, partnership and creativity.

So, What’s Sisu all about?

In it together to make things better

The world is in a moment of amazing, rapid innovation. At Sisu, we balance the excitement of new opportunities with how (or if) they will deliver value for our clients, their customers or ourselves. We relish finding the most strategically sound solution—whether that’s the buzzy new one or the tried and true—and providing an honest, informed opinion to our clients so we can make smart decisions together for years to come.

Our work ranges from strategy and UX to UI design, development and long-term support. We’ve won four Webbys over the years, and are proud to have American Express, Warner Bros., Star Trek, Universal, Western Union and more as trusted client partnerships.

How we do it
Flower Lady


Sisu-designed nominated for 2024 Webby

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Sisu Culture

Collaboration, Coffee, Canines

Through the years, Sisu has developed a vibrant culture founded in collaboration and curiosity. We gather every morning to share projects plans as personal stories, too. We work hard to create exceptional work while keeping the day-to-day light and lively. Whether it’s a client’s success, pet videos, or the latest from the Sisu Book Club, we’re here to share, listen, and learn.

We’re not afraid to challenge how we do things, aiming to get a little better every day, and get a lot better over time. We treat everyone—clients, colleagues, partners—with respect, care and trust. We’re patient. We’re good listeners. We’re driven and motivated. We’re excited about where we are. And yeah, we love our doggos.

Meet the Team
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